Living Structures for a Machine Audience
An evolved DNA structure of a keyboard, stored biologically in gelatine bioplastic, exploring wetware.

Wetware is the biological analogue for software and hardware. It relies on organic materials merging with artificial systems to compute.
I explored the symbiosis of machine and life. Through a series of experiments, I created structures to give machines life. 
Taking apart the machine – my keyboard –  I analysed its raw structure- its DNA- which was its circuit boards. 
I ran them through biological computational simulations, eventually extracting its evolved structure, which became its new biologically simulated DNA. I then stored it in gelatine- an animal protein- to store information of an artificial machine’s DNA structure.
Form Finding and DNA creations
Bio material experiments
Forms from Conway's Game of Life extruded
Shout out to Gediminas Kirdeikis for his great Rhino Tutorials
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