Winning pitch using Lightvert's ECHO product to promote secret events and generate hype.

Lightvert is a media tech company developing outdoor advertising. Their first product, ECHO, uses persistence of vision (POV) effect, from a thin beam of light, to generate hyper scale fleeting images. 
As part of the live brief, my winning concept was bought and displayed on the ECHO in Granary Square.
I proposed using multiple ECHOs scattered around a city to create a sort of treasure hunt, using the mysterious information presented to generate hype and excitement for secret events or drops.
Live test of my prototype on the ECHO. It can only be seen if you shake your head, or walk past.
I promoted a fictional secret immersive event, where viewers have to piece together its location and date. This could be applied for album drops.
Several hints on different ECHOs, such as date, times, postcodes, directions, can be spread around the city. This treasure hunt could emphasise the mystery of the event and gain widespread attention.
Moreover, as the images are easily missed in a blink of an eye, and if you don't skim your eye over the beam, it adds a layer of exclusivity. Hence it is perfect for promoting such events or drops.
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