Hope Portrait

Answering fashion brand Self Portrait’s Hope brief by creating a portrait of collective hope.
2020 has been a mess. 
We asked people around the world, what gave them hope in these extremely challenging times & what colour they associated hope with. Using this data, we weaved a patchwork quilt together, forming a portrait of our collective hope. 
Each section represents an overarching theme from the answers: nature, friends & family, investment into themselves, love and the future. Meanwhile each strand represents each answer, showing the colour they associate hope with and what gave them hope. 
The strands and sections weave in and out, creating a new fabric of hope.
This quilt shows that despite everyone having different hopes, as a diverse community, we are bonded by the act of hoping. 
Historically, patchwork robes and blankets were used as symbols of luck, with each patch donated separately, and patched together to symbolise the combined strength of the donors. Our patchwork does the same. This patchwork quilt, this hope portrait, is a proud declaration of our diverse yet collective spirit of hope.
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