BBC Habitat

D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil Winning Project for BBC.
We created an AR eco-system which health's depends on your daily environmental data.
In a world increasingly saturated with data, how can we harness it for good? Climate change is the most pressing issue of our generation, yet all too often it feels distant and abstract. 
BBC Habitat is a way to reconcile our actions with their actual effect on the planet. A virtual real-time representation of your environmental data, is visualised as an ecosystem whose health depends on your actions. 
This immersive experience grants users a feeling of connection to nature, all while endowing them with a new sense of agency.
by Tom BuggJessie Zhang, Betty Lu, Jann Choy
3D elements rendered by Betty and I. 
After opting in data you want to track, you start off with an unhealthy reef full of bleached corals and no animals
BBC Habitat calculates your carbon footprints by tracking data such as food delivery frequencies and transport methods from apps such as google maps or Uber, accordingly effecting your habitat. Above, the coral bleaches because of his fast food consumption.
By cycling and reducing carbon footprints, the habitat thrives, coral grows, animals enter the habitat.
And slowly but surely, your habitat recovers, while your carbon footprints reduces.
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